Flooring Restoration & Commercial Cleaning

"Flooring restoration?? what's that?"

When your tile, VCT, LVT, concrete, terrazzo, marble, (etc., etc.) floors were first installed, you and your Company were committed to protecting your investment and keeping your workplace looking great. How do those floors look now? in many cases they have 'uglied out' or even been damaged from improper (albeit well meaning) care (or the lack of...). You can mop those floors 'until the cows come home', but they may never look their best without a proper restorative cleaning, coating, polishing, etc.

Enter Facilitate. We are to floors what tech nerds are to computer repairs! Let us bring our expertise to bear on restoring your flooring and helping you develop and an effective maintenance program that keeps them looking beautiful and saves you money on unnecessary, disruptive flooring replacement. Here are a few of our available flooring restoration services:

  • Resilient flooring restoration & refinishing (vinyl composition tile, luxury vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber, etc.)

  • Tile & grout restoration, epoxy grout colorant, sealing

  • Marble/stone care, polishing

  • Concrete & terrazzo restoration & refinishing

  • Wood sports court floor refinishing (i.e., screen & recoat)

  • Restorative carpet cleaning

  • All those other floor types we didn't mention...

AND YES, WE SERVICE MORE THAN FLOORS. From OSHA certified high dusting in your facility to... ...well, just ask us, and we just may have an expert solution for you.

Call us for a free estimate at (740) 973-0354 (or click the 'free estimate' button above) and we'll be happy to meet with you to discuss your facility maintenance needs.